Sardegna Rally Race - News June 19, 2014

Grazie a tutti!


Ecco le persone che hanno reso unico questo Rally.
Sei giorni di emozioni intense e di entusiasmo contagioso, di agonismo e di purissima Sardegna. Per costruire un grande Rally ci vogliono idee ed impegno, sacrifi ci e molta passione. Per realizzare il successo del Sardegna Rally Race è servito l’amore di tutti quelli che l’hanno costruito. Alcuni hanno un nome noto ed un volto conosciuto, altri l’hanno vissuto avanti o indietro alla carovana, o di notte. È un successo che appartiene a tutti quelli che hanno inseguito a tutti i costi il sogno di un grande Rally.

Sardegna Rally Race - News June 18, 2014

ICARUS 2.0 – 29° episodio


Nel 29° episodio di ICARUS 2.0 si parlerà del Sardegna Rally Race 2014



Lunedì 23 ore 18.30
Martedì 24 ore 12.30
Mercoledì 25 ore 09.30
Venerdì 27 ore 09.30


Sardegna Legend Rally - News June 17, 2014

Enrollments now open


Sardegna legend rally become international !
October, the 31st –november, the 2nd 2014

Dear Friends,

Our activity never stops ... Sardegna Rally Race finished and as you know it has been a wonderful edition, both in terms of participants and in terms of factory teams’ participation , seven of which have placed in the top ten of the ranking. All the drivers put big effort in the competition and this underlines that everyone have had the dream to win the race (which confirms its position as the most loved by the riders for technical guidance and navigation, but above all for the beauty of the surroundings). Thanks to all the participants of this edition.

Let's now talk about Legend Rally, a non-competitive rally composed of three stages of about 200/230 km per day; this path fits amateurs requirements so that they can enjoy the magic of the road book without the hassle of time trial. They also have the chance to keep training with (narrow) navigation in order to complete tests with their bikes.

Let us herewith remind you few things: you do not need to have a permit/license but only a motorcycle club membership, the cost is € 350,00, the hotel accommodation is not included.
Within end of July we will inform you regarding points of departure and arrival and agreed prices with ferries and hotels.

All the best / Regards
Antonello Chiara

Sardegna Rally Race - News June 16, 2014

ICARUS 2.0 – 28° episodio


Nel 28° episodio di ICARUS 2.0 si parlerà del Sardegna Rally Race 2014


Martedì 17 ore 12.30
Mercoledì 18 ore 10.00
Mercoledì 18 ore 20.30
Venerdì 20 ore 9.30 
........  SKY SPORT 3
Martedì 17 ore 00.30
Giovedì 19 ore 8.30


Sardegna Rally Race - News June 14, 2014

SRR2014, Podium!


Sardegna Rally Race - News June 12, 2014

SRR2014, Alessandro Botturi, The Dazzling Seventh Star of Sardegna Rally Race

12062014 lastdayr1

San Teodoro, June 12. Special Edition! The seventh Sardegna Rally Race really is. In the small galaxy of the Great Rallyes, in fact, a new star is born (tremendous opportunity rhetoric!), Alessandro Botturi. At the third attempt the Giant Lumezzane won the more difficult Rally of the World Championship, imposing the authority, so far unknown, of the "dictator", and leaving stunned the elite of the Cross-Country. Of course, the opponents have suffered the terrifying certainty with which Botturi won Special Stages, Stages, and finally the Race, and it is bound to be admired in front of the special talent that Botturi has demonstrated. But one thing is to be mature, and quite another to fall from the tree. This is the metaphor of a talented Rider that has turned into an excellent tactician and a superfine "navigator", thanks to the hard work which has gone into. If you add the physique du role, Botturi was champion of Rugby, and the successful experience of ten years of Enduro, it is easy to understand how Botturi was able to conquer the lead of the Rally on the third day, and how he then controlled the race until the epilogue of San Teodoro.

The "secret" of the hellish pressure exerted by Alessandro Botturi on his opponents is also in choosing tactics. Never he pushed beyond the red zone, always he chose high pace instead of pure speed, and always he handled with extreme accuracy the management of navigation instruments and the road book.

Sardegna Rally Race - News June 11, 2014

SRR2014, Fourth Stage. Joan Barreda wins the stage, but Ale "Spithill" Botturi does not forgive.

SRR14 Photo News Day 04

San Teodoro, June 11. The Navigator is superfine, but he is also an excellent tactician, and a fine strategist. Alessandro Botturi has now taken off and flight over the overall of the Sardinia Rally Race. Opponents wonder how the Italian has become so strong. If the question is an understatement, the answer, however, is under everyone's nose. First point: "Bottu" has acquired an extraordinary familiarity with the key elements of the Rally, and of the terrains of Sardinia. Step two, the confidence with which the Giant Lumezzane manages to extricate himself from the labyrinths of navigation is extraordinary, alongside an excellent management of the day of the race. From the physical point of view the former rugby player has no problem, and on the pure tactical side his winning choice is the uncompromising concentration on the difficulty of the race, and that "hammering" with a breaker rhythm. That's it.

The fifth stage has clarified the concept. On paper, it was a day penalizing for him, since Botturi started first and had to open the track helping the opponents. But in fact it was the day of his consecration, as it was constantly on the head of the platonn, far alone. By this way, indeed, he has increased its advantage.

The '"balance of performance" of the Machine Botturi, however, has reached such a level of effectiveness that for the opponents, once again, there is nothing left to do but ... wrong.


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Sardegna Rally Race

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Il Sardegna Rally Race è il Rally Mondiale del momento. La sua formula è l'evoluzione di una storia trentennale. In due sole edizioni il Mondiale di Bike Village è riuscito ad occupare un posto di rilievo nella geografia dei Rally. il Sardegna Rally Race è avvincente e caratterizzato da un livello decisamente superiore di sicurezza. Le prove sono sempre molto guidate e tecniche, la velocità media relativamente bassa, ed il fattore "pilota" è determinante.

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Sardegna Legend Rally


Nel 2006 la prima edizione. 600 chilometri di fuoristrada, su percorsi ogni anno inediti e studiati in differenti aree di interesse culturale e paesaggistico della Sardegna. Il percorso non è segnalato, ed i concorrenti devono trovare la strada giusta attraverso l'utilizzo del road book. È un evento di navigazione pura in fuoristrada, l'unica grande scuola propedeutica alla partecipazione ad un "vero" Rally.

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La Cavalcata del Sole

PB1 2371

È il primo degli eventi ideati da Bike Village (2005) destinato ad un pubblico amatoriale, ed è accolto da un successo subitaneo. Oltre 300 partecipanti, in programma due giorni di fuoristrada; cinquecento chilometri di piste segnalate e studiate in funzione del livello tecnico dei partecipanti. Sullo sfondo lo scenario di una Sardegna inedita.

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