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Antonello Chiara


Founding partner of Bike Village. His practical and organisational mind is backed by a strong creative sense, which he applies to every aspect of the business and Bike Village’s initiatives. He is the owner of a prize collection of off-road motorcycles. A motocross rider in the 1970s and a successful businessman in the distribution of consumer electronics, he has transformed his passion for rallying and events in Sardinia into the

love of his life.

Gianrenzo Bazzu

Founding partner of Bike Village. An entrepreneur from San Teodoro, an outstanding driver of 4x4 vehicles, with a strong sense of organisation and management of sports activities and competitive teams, he is Bike Village’s “Minister Plenipotentiary” in Sardinia. Responsible for the logistics of Bike Village events, and the brains behind Bike Village’s image in the region, he is also the great promoter of all partnerships showcasing Sardinia in Bike Village events.

Gianpaolo Granara



President of Bike Village. Gianpaolo Granara became the President of Moto Club Bike Village winning his stripes in the field, and is now responsible for the great logistic effort involved in Bike Village events. He has set up a task force that is unbeatable in terms of logistics and efficiency, and leads it to the finest achievements in Sardinia.

Piero Batini


Head of communications and press activities. Journalist and press officer of Bike Village events, he is the historic mind and newshound for all off-roading activities and World Championship Rallies. Hence he is also one of the masterminds of everything to do with Sardegna Rally Race.

Rosanna Morlino


Secretary of Bike Village (but actually so much more). She is responsible for ensuring the smooth flow of all the administrative, bureaucratic and managerial side of all Bike Village activities. A delicate task, at times unbearably so, it calls for outstanding natural talents and human qualities. It would be more correct to consider her the right arm of Antonello Chiara and Gianrenzo Bazzu, and a pillar of all Bike Village events.

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