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Sardegna Rally Race, Since 2007, Success Has Snowballed


On 4 May 2008, after long and painstaking preparation, the first edition of Sardegna Rally Race set off. The response was immediate. The Rally became a central event in the World Championship and Italian Championship. Its formula grew out of a thirty-year history, which the experience and style of Bike Village have launched into hyperspace. It features technical and logistic levels, atmosphere, and Sardinia, but there’s another key element in the unique success of Sardegna Rally Race:



















afety of an unmatched standard. The special trials are carefully guided and very technical. Average speeds are relatively slow. The ‘rider’ factor becomes crucial. The Rally formula favours participation with motorcycles derived from Enduro bikes. In this way participants are given another trump card, the guarantee of higher safety levels.

Some observers have argued that if Bike Village organised its events outside Sardinia, it would be a different story. They’re right: Antonello Chiara and Gianrenzo Bazzu are well aware of this, and that’s why Cavalcata del Sole, Sardegna Legend Rally and Sardegna Rally Race, not counting the services provided by Bike Village, are all “Events Made in Paradise”. In other words: made in Sardinia.

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