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La Cavalcata del Sole.  The Off-Road Festival in Paradise

This was Bike Village’s first event (the first edition was in 2005). Open to an amateur public, it is a great success and attracts large numbers of participants, over 300, in a tight schedule for a two-day off-road event. It is a festival covering 500 kilometres of marked trails,













designed to match the technical level of the entrants, set against the backdrop of Sardinia’s breathtaking scenery which can be seen from a new point of view. Rhythm and fun, with breaks at just the right moments, at the famous Bike Village Refreshment Points: Cavalcata del Sole offers atmosphere and organisational quality, the same priorities that have been critical in the success of the World Rally Championship and the ‘Legend’. But the difficulties are minimised, the route is designed to deliver fun and sensational vistas, and all the thrills of competition within the bounds of reason.

It’s the ideal event to move a group of friends or co-workers in search of an exclusive passion event.

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