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Bikevillage. The Thrills of Sport and Off-Roading at Speed.

Bike Village was founded in 2000. Antonello Chiara and Gianrenzo Bazzu, its founding partners, wanted to create off-road sporting events, inspired by a more modern and almost obsessive concern for racing buffs, whether pros or amateurs. With an enviable track record as a biker, Antonello Chiara has been a driving force in rallying in Sardinia from the very earliest days. Having gained a wealth of experience, he decided it was time to forge a link between races for professionals and top-level enthusiasts and the few quality events, at the time, for equally passionate but less competitive sports lovers. The link was Bike Village: a company devoted to the organisation of events and competitions for racing riders and amateurs, professionals or novices.




















Chiara and Bazzu were already both successful businessmen and had a profound knowledge of the Sardinian backcountry, a land they are still in love with. This is why Bike Village is going to host its events in such a natural paradise.

Bike Village has its roots at San Teodoro, Gianrenzo Bazzu’s birthplace and the adopted home of Antonello Chiara. They began by organising guided tours and entertainments. Of course that was just the start. As tourism spread, Bike Village underwent an important process of logistic restructuring, with the events evolving accordingly. Their first venture was a Supercross Rally at Olbia, which attracted the motocross aces to Sardinia. In its wake, Bike Village launched Cavalcata del Sole (“Sun Ride”) and Sardegna Legend Rally, the only events of their kind, bearing the strong imprint of Chiara and Bazzu’s style.

These events were an instant success, and led to the great breakthrough of Bike Village: Sardegna Rally Race. After its first test edition, the following year, in 2007, it became one of the trials in the World Cross-Country Rally Championship. The heavyweights of the world rally scene landed in Sardinia and the Rally became number one for the number of riders and teams, a record it has invariably repeated at every edition. The reasons for the success of the Bike Village events are a superb cocktail of competition at the highest technical and organisational level, a special atmosphere, and the ambiance. Sardinia strikes again – straight to the heart!

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