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Legend rally 2015 : corso di road book e GPS con Paolo Ceci

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SPORTITALIA : Speciale Sardegna Rally Race

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SPORTITALIA : Speciale Sardegna Rally Race

le date: 

DOMENICA 26/07 dalle ore 20.00 alle ore 21.00

LUNEDì 27/07 dalle ore 16.00 alle ore 17.00
MERCOLEDì 29/07 dalle ore 08.00 alle ore 09.00


I Campioni dicono di noi. e della nostra Università della Navigazione!

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Taichi Honda
Team HRC Technical Director

We have completed our participation in the Sardegna Rally Race, where we were able to thoroughly test out navigational skills. The bike this time was an enduro rather than the usual rally model. Navigation in the Sardinia Rally is particularly difficult and it has been a good experience for Paulo. He had a hard struggle with some heavy rain on the way, but it has helped to gain experience, speed and a greater sense of navigation, so as a consequence, I think that it has been a good race. It’s a step forward in the championship, plus a step in the right direction ahead of the next Dakar Rally, which is our ultimate goal.


Matthias Walkner (KTM) wins the Sardegna Rally Race 2015.

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srr2015 day 5 play

The eighth edition podium is completed by Armand Monleon and Helder Rodrigues. Botturi, forced to withdraw during the third stage, has been unlucky, and a fall slowed Marc Coma. Great impression aroused by the young Riders. Besides Walkner and Monleon, Jacopo Cerutti is 6 °, and pull out the "ticket" for the Dakar 2016.

San Teodoro, June 11, 2015

The San Teodoro-San Teodoro is a few kilometers shortened. A truck spilled along the path of the final stage. Only one of the two special stages is affected, but not the competitors, indeed. They cannot wait, now, to get on the podium. Armand Monleon would like to "slightly" change thje eve’s ranking, maybe in his favor, but Matthias Walkner is obviously not in the day of presents. Monleon wins the penultimate special stage, recover two minutes, and ends the last just second, behind Gonçalves. Walkner, now with the sole purpose of protecting the primacy from any risks, cares only to pass unscathed through the latest traps of the Rally. The first two places are frozen from the fourth stage, when Botturi has to withdraw, and the Sardegna Rally Rally Race open his door for the first time to an Austrian who climbs the final podium of San Teodoro. Matthias Walkner, 29, a former MX3 World Champion, is a discovery of Heinz Kinigadner, the legendary Austrian Motocross Rider, World Champion in 1984 and 1985, that led Walkner to the official KTM team making its debut in Greece and Morocco. January 7, Walkner has won his first stage of the Dakar, and on June 11, he wins his first date of the Cross-Country Rally World Championship, the Sardegna Rally Race. Try to think if the young Matthias is happy!

In the midst of so many young people in evidence, the "surprise" of the last day of competition at the Sardegna Rally Race is the podium obtained by Helder Rodrigues. The Portuguese, a "senator" already World Champion in 2011, had suffered the first few days of the race because of a flu attack. Recovering quickly, Rodrigues has maintained a "fair profile", but then, when te chance came, he attacked in the last stage and managed to get on the podium. Other "elderly" colleagues have been less fortunate. Paulo Gonçalves has given a great deal, winning two special stages and two stages, but "marched" all the rankings until the fourth place due to a few "critical" situations. Marc Coma, who instead had decided to control the race and chasing points for the World Cup that he sees in his head, he made a small mistake on the third Race, fell down on the penultimate day. The fifth place of "King" comes at the end of a match not fully satisfactory, and ended up with a sore wrist, but to see Coma racing in Sardinia, as everywhere, is an incomparable setting. The happiest of the "myths" of Motorsport is certainly Carlos Checa, the World Superbike Champion that debuted in Rally-Raid. The guest of honor of the Rally has attracted the admiration of the "colleagues", for the stubbornness with which he overcame all difficulties, including a small injury, and guarantees to have lived a really special adventure.

Youngs again. Jacopo Cerutti, 26 years old of Como, who was also at his debut, is the latest but not ... a newcomer. It has a great technique and already has the "intelligent race" required to excel in a discipline as difficult as this. Third at the end of the second stage, Cerutti has been delayed by a problem at the "box" of the road book in the next. Slipped to ninth place the he climbed to the sixth at the arrival of San Teodoro. Big shot, Cerutti won the coveted prize of the Dakar Challenge, a free entry to the next Dakar Peru-Bolivia-Argentina 2016.

The Sardegna Rally Race was a Rally up to the hype. Once again the Rally of Bike Village registered the season record of participants. The eighth edition has landed in San Teodoro with a sensational full of emotions. It was a thrilling race and fought, very balanced and above all, beautiful. The rally organized by Antonello Chiara and Gian Renzo Bazzu was also, inevitably, target of small problems, but that could not prevent Bike Village to give to the participants an unforgettable adventure to discover the incomparable beauty of Paradise that hosted them .

Sardegna Rally Race 2015 "recap". Aflash start of Joan Pedrero and Paulo Gonçalves. But the Spaniard, who won the 1st special stage, was penalized for "speeding" and drops to 15th place, and at night the re-reading of the track of the GPS reveals that the Portuguese left the path. No premeditation, of course, but there the penalty that led Armand Monleon at the Rally summit. The second day Pedrero, now out of the game, wins all, special stages and stage, but Alessandro Botturi, late in the first stage, attacks the Rally and flip blatantly the critical situation. The biker recovers five minutes and takes the head of the race, ahead of Marc Coma and the surprising young Jacopo Cerutti. Monleon and Gonçalves won the special stages of the third day, and the latter won the stage, but once again the most important task is accomplished by Botturi that, flying over the way manages to contain the disadvantage of starting one of the first and preserves the leadership of the Sardegna Rally Race. Coma made a small mistake in navigation, quitting temporarily from the podium, and Matthias Walkner leads by a handful of seconds to Botturi. Even Monleon stay in the stream. The fourth stage, the conclusion of Marathon two days without assistances at the legendary bivouac of Sa Itria, is one of the big plot twist. Because of a damaged mousse, Botturi remains without rear tire and is "out". Walkner and Monleon share the victories of the special stages of the day, the Austrian wins the stage and jumps over the Rally. Monleon is second and Coma get back on the podium. And then comes the epilogue of San Teodoro. Gonçalves wins the last stage, but Walkner, Monleon and Rodrigues climb on the final podium in San Teodoro

Sardegna Rally Race 2015 Final Result: 1. WALKNER (Ktm) in 16:30'26; 2. MONLEON (Ktm) a 2'33; 3. RODRIGUEZ (Yamaha) a 5'05; 4. GONCALVES (Honda) a 9'10; 5. COMA CAMPS (Ktm) a 10'25; 6. CERUTTI (Honda) a 14'18; 7. VILADOMS (Ktm) a 21'29; 8. FARIA (Ktm) a 23'24; 9. CASTEU (Ktm) a 23'57; 10. VECCHI (Ktm) a 25'55; 11. PAVAN (Beta) a 30'44; 12. VAN BEVEREN (Yamaha) a 31'44; 13. PEDRERO (Sherco) a 36'10; 14. THAIN (Husqvarna) a 38'05; 15. GERINI (Honda) a 38'06; 16. LUCCHESE (Yamaha) a 43'46; 17. GRAZIANI (Beta) a 45'42; 18. QUINTANILLA (Ktm) a 55'37; 19. USLENGHI (Husqvarna) a 1:09'27; 20. KLYMCIW (Husqvarna) a 1:23'22; 21. CUCCHI (Ktm) a 1:33'58; 22. BRIGHT (Ktm) a 1:38'11; 23. METELLI (Husqvarna) a 1:43'41; 24. MANDRELLI (Ktm) a 1:47'20; 25. ROSSINI (Ktm) a 1:50'07; 26. AGAZZI (Honda) a 1:52'51; 27. VERKADE (Husaberg) a 2:08'07; 28. CHECA (Beta) a 2:12'44; 29. SUESSE (Ktm) a 2:13'24; 30. COLOMBO (Sherco) a 2:14'52


Stage 4. Plot Twist, Botturi is out. Walkner inherits the leadership.

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srr2015 day 4 play

The fact is that each stage of the Sardegna Rally Race is paitend with the colors of the guaranteed controlled origin strong competition. The Rally is tough, very tough for Riders, mechanics and motorcycles, and strongly delicate for that sense of gnawing uncertainty that permeates every kilometer. Iof course, it is a race built to be a reference in the World Championship, and is the only European witnessof that kind of spectacular discipline.

Let's recap. The first day Paulo Gonçalves was the fastest, but the next night, rereading the GPS tracks of the competitors, it was discovered that the Portuguese had "cut" the path, a little carelessness. Nothing premeditated, of course, but by consequence young Spaniard Armand Leon, almost ignored, passed him obtaining the leadership. The second day of the Rally Alessandro Botturi attacked and overturned the blatantly unfavorable situation in which he found himself on the eve. The Giant of Lumezzane recovered five minutes and gained the head of the Race. Armand Monleon was "there", and Marc Coma, the ace of aces specialties, "controlled". Botturi, however, carried the most important task the third day, managing to contain the disadvantage of a bad starting order, a unavoidable "sacrifice" for stage winners. The "Bottu" was still leading the Sardegna Rally Race, Coma made a mistake that pushed him away from the podium, and the only one to resist the Italian champion was Austrian Matthias Walkner. In short, Botturi was in a situation to be reckoned with, but very beneficial for the final two stages of the Marathon of Bike Village.

Summed up the past, here we are at present. Fourth stage. The plot twist. 25 km around the end of the first special stage of the day, that of Talachè, less than a hundred kilometers. Botturi is virtually in the lead, but his bike suddenly "discards", the rear tire does not hold anymore. It is a type of defect of the mousse, those "sausages" that replace the inner tube to avoid punctures, who occasionally sticks out, no logic, no real reason. But the damage is disastrous. The rear mousse of the Yamaha of Botturi is destroyed, the tire comes off the rim and, inevitably, there is no other option outside of the withdrawal. The epilogue is like a kind of cruel fate, Botturi is "out". Good race, so far, great, but the adventure of the last year winner of the Sardegna Rally Race stops there.

Everything changes. Walkner wins the first special stage, and then also win the stage, Monleon wins the second, Sos Littos of fifty kilometers, and the two young Riders, both a revelation of the eighth edition, control the Sardegna Rally Race. The Spaniard is five minutes from the Austrian, and right behind, a little more than a minute away, here is the reappearance of the third KTM, that of "His Majesty" Marc Coma, back to the provisional podium. Meanwhile, serenely around the 30th position Calos Checa, the novice champion from another world, the Superbike. Enjoys the Sardegna Rally Race.

Now it remains to play the last stage, the '"ring" of San Teodoro with two special stages, "Altipiani" and "Sant’Anna", a total of 140 kilometers. That the night brings counsel, and that anyone can think of to say that "the die is cast!"

Overall After Stage 1: 1. WALKNER (Ktm) in 14:25'54; 2. MONLEON (Ktm) a 5'10; 3. COMA CAMPS (Ktm) a 6'34; 4. RODRIGUEZ (Yamaha) a 7'22; 5. GONCALVES (Honda) a 11'52; 6. CERUTTI (Honda) a 12'57; 7. VILADOMS (Ktm) a 20'14; 8. FARIA (Ktm) a 20'37; 9. CASTEU (Ktm) a 21'29; 10. VECCHI (Ktm) a 22'47; 11. PAVAN (Beta) a 24'53; 12. VAN BEVEREN (Yamaha) a 31'06; 13. THAIN (Husqvarna) a 32'31; 14. GERINI (Honda) a 35'52; 15. PEDRERO (Sherco) a 37'04; 16. LUCCHESE (Yamaha) a 39'00; 17. GRAZIANI (Beta) a 39'37; 18. QUINTANILLA (Ktm) a 52'38; 19. USLENGHI (Husqvarna) a 1:01'33; 20. KLYMCIW (Husqvarna) a 1:14'25

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